GONDOMAR | JUNE 9th, 2019


Environmental Project

Social Responsibility - "1 Inscription 1 tree"

The D'Ouro Run Gondomar organization intends to involve the entire Runner community in a unique social project, with the motto "1 Inscription = 1 tree" in which each participant contributes a tree to reforest Gondomar, a region that has been scourged in recent years Forest fires. 

The objective is to create and take care of the Bosque D'Ouro Run, to associate sports practice with nature and to contribute to the conservation of environmental biodiversity, to sensitize the population in its valorization and protection in a responsible way in the conservation of our forest heritage, contributing to a more vivid, dispersed and diverse nature for future generations.

The Half-Marathon D'Ouro Run Gondomar joined the FUTURO - project of the 100,000 trees in the Metropolitan Area of Porto and for each entry in the Race will be planted a native tree in Gondomar.

Learn more about this project: http://embaixadadafloresta.blogspot.pt/p/projecto-futuro-100000-arvores.html

Because Gondomar is sports! 

Because Gondomar is environment!
Together we will reforest Gondomar!

Overlooking the  D´Ouro river,running or walking in Gondomar I will be there!